Information obligation for candidates

Information obligation for candidates

1. Data controller

Personal data of job candidates for this position (Candidate) will be processed by Skanska Property Romania S.R.L. with its registered office in Bucharest, address for correspondence: 4 Gara Herastrau Street, building A, 3rd floor (“Skanska”).

2. Data Protection Manager

At Skanska we take great care to ensure that personal data of Candidates are processed in the manner guaranteeing their security and confidentiality. For this purpose, we have appointed a Data Protection Manager that Candidates may contact directly:

  1. 1)  Via e-mail to the following e-mail address: Contact  
  2. 2)  In writing, to the address of the registered office of Skanska as specified hereinabove, with a note “Data Protection Manager”

3. Purposes and duration of Candidates’ personal data processing 

Candidates’ personal data will be processed only for recruitment purposes:

  1. 1)   only for the position that the Candidate applies for, for the period necessary to conduct the recruitment process and select a candidate, and then for a period of 3 months, in case when, due to any reason, Skanska needs one more candidate for the same position;
  2. 2)   if the Candidate grants separate consent for including his/her application in the database of job candidates at Skanska, also for other, similar positions at Skanska, for a period of 1 year.

4. Legal basis for personal data processing

Skanska asks only for the provision in recruitment applications of:

  1. 1)   The information resulting from the labour law regulations, including the information on the possessed authorisations or special circumstances, if their possession/compliance with them is required under special legal regulations to perform work at this position;
  2. 2)    The contact information necessary for the possible invitation of Candidates to the further stage of the recruitment process (as a legitimate interest of Skanska and Candidates). 

At a further stage of the recruitment process, the Candidate may be asked to present his/her portfolio, to complete content-related tests/case studies, to provide a sample of his/her work, to complete personality tests, tests of analytical thinking, language tests and to participate in the diagnosis of the managerial potential.

The provision of the aforementioned personal data is voluntary; nevertheless, failure to do that may prevent the invitation of the Candidate to the further stage of the recruitment process or it may have impact on the Candidate verification result in terms of meeting formal conditions for the recruited position. 

If the Candidate decides that he/she wants to include in his/her application any additional information that exceed the scope of the required information specified in the advertisement, the Candidate shall be obliged to include the following consent in his/her application: “I agree to the processing of my personal data included in this recruitment application for the recruitment purposes of Skanska Property Romania S.RL. with its registered office in Bucharest.” 

If the Candidate fails to include the aforementioned consent and fails to complete it at a further recruitment stage, prior to the first recruitment meeting at the latest, his/her application will be immediately deleted and the Candidate will be obliged to deliver a new application including only the information specified by Skanska in the advertisement.

In case when the Candidate is invited to the further stage of the recruitment process consisting of personality tests, tests of analytical thinking, diagnosis of the managerial potential, the Candidate will be asked for granting separate consent for the personal data processing for this purpose. 

5. Disclosure of Candidates’ personal data

Skanska does not make available Candidates’ personal data to any other controller, unless such an obligation has been imposed on Skanska under the law. These are, however, exceptional and occasional situations, e.g. a request of a court, prosecutor’s office.

If the Candidate has granted his/her consent for the inclusion of his/her personal data in the database of job candidates, the Candidate’s recruitment application may be verified by Skanska in terms of the recruitment processes conducted for the purposes of other companies of Skanska. However, before Skanska provides the recruitment application to any other company of Skanska, it shall contact selected Candidates and ask them for their consent for the provision of the application. 

In addition, Candidates’ personal data may be revealed to the entities processing personal data to the order and on behalf of Skanska, in order to:

  1. 1)   provide ICT services, such as hosting, provision or maintenance of IT systems;
  2. 2)   conduct recruitment processes, in particular tests or examination of the managerial potential.

The processing of Candidates’ personal data is not connected with their provision to third parties by Skanska.

6. Using Talent

In the recruitment process at Skanska Property Romania S.R.L., the Talent portal can be used, where Candidates may post their application to the recruitment processes. Talent is administered by Skanska AB with its registered office in Sweden, as separate from Skanska Property Romania S.R.L.data collector. This means that it is Skanska AB that decides about issues related to the personal data in Talent.

7. Rights of data subjects

The Candidate shall have the right to:

  1. 1)    Revoke his/her consent at any time and without stating the reason. The revocation of the consent shall not impact the compliance with the law of the Candidate’s personal data processing, which means that the personal data processing before the revocation of the consent continues to be legal, however, at the time of the consent revocation, Skanska shall be obliged to cease the data processing;
  2. 2)   Request Skanska to provide the information on the processing of his/her personal data, i.e. the confirmation of the Candidate’s personal data are processed. If the data about the Candidate are processed, the Candidate is entitled to gain access to them, to obtain their copy and to obtain the following information: about the processing purposes, personal data categories, information on recipients or categories of recipients that the data have been or will be revealed to, about the data storage period or the criteria of their determination, about the rights of the Candidate related to the processing of his/her personal data, about the possibility to make a complaint to a supervisory body, about the source of obtaining personal data if they have not been obtained directly from the Candidate and about profiling and automated processing of decisions;
  3. 3)   Correct the personal data pertaining to this Candidate. If the Candidate obtains information about the fact that his/her personal data processed by Skanska are incorrect, invalid or incomplete, the Candidate shall have the right to request their immediate correction or completion;
  4. 4)   Request the deletion of the Candidate’s personal data, and if the Candidate has given his/her consent for personal data processing, requesting the deletion shall have the same effect as consent revocation;
  5. 5)   Request the limitation of personal data processing, i.e. request the cessation of their processing, except for their storage, in situations when:
  6. The Candidate questions the correctness of personal data - for the period when Skanska will be verifying their correctness;
  7. The Candidate questions the legality of personal data processing by Skanska;
  8. Skanska does no longer need such data but they are necessary for the Candidate to determine, make or defend his/her claims;
  9. The Candidate has filed an objection to processing - until Skanska has made a decision with respect to validity of the objection;
  10. 6)   File an objection to the Candidate’s personal data processing for legitimate purposes of Skanska;
  11. 7)   Transfer his/her personal data, i.e. receive the personal data that the Candidate provided to Skanska in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable format, if their processing takes place under the Candidate’s consent or request sending such data to another controller specified by the Candidate.

To exercise the aforementioned rights, the Candidate shall send a letter or an e-mail to the correspondence details specified in sec. 1, where he/she shall specify which right he/she wants to exercise, to what extent and how or submit a form herein. Please provide in the letter your contact details that will allow for quick establishment of contact with the Candidate at the stage of exercising his/her right, in particular when there is a need of verifying the identity of the Candidate or verifying which right or to what extent the Candidate wants to exercise (perfectly, a telephone number).

8. Supervisory body

In Romania, the supervisory body with respect to personal data protection is the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing (“ANSPDCP”), having these contact details. The Candidate shall have the right to make a complaint to ANSPDCP against Skanska in case he/she finds that Skanska processes his/her personal data incorrectly or groundlessly refuses to exercise the Candidate’s rights. 

Skanska makes every effort to ensure high protection of Candidates’ personal data and to help in exercising their rights pertaining to the personal data processing. Therefore, in case of an incident pertaining to personal data processing that troubles the Candidate, please contact the Personal Data Protection Manager of Skanska who will provide any assistance and explanations and will take investigative measures, if necessary.

Last updated: 9/18/2018