We implement our innovative ideas about the future in our projects. For upcoming projects, we plan to take yet another step and commit to focusing on enhancing people's health and well-being through the built environment.

The WELL standard for developing buildings

International studies have shown that more sustainable developments are not only good for nature, but also for people. The WELL standard takes all types of characteristics into consideration, and focuses not only on creating a healthy working environment, but also on developing buildings that support human health and productivity. Proper material selection, recreation areas, multifunctional courtyards, upper floors terraces, sound reduction and wellness possibilities can all contribute to the well-being of the employees of tenants.

The WELL standard is a win-win for both the building owner and the workforce. The WELL standard creates an environment built on health and wellness, keeping people active and energetic. On the workforce side, this way of smart building attracts employees who seek to work in spaces and buildings that have a 'cool' factor and play a role in improving on the green-built foundation.

What is WELL all about?

WELL addresses seven concepts:

  1. Air: WELL establishes requirements in buildings that promote clean air and reduce or minimize the sources of indoor air pollution.
  2. Water: WELL promotes safe and clean water through the implementation of proper filtration techniques and regular testing.
  3. Nourishment: WELL requires the availability of fresh and wholesome foods, limits highly-processed ingredients and supports mindful eating.
  4. Light: WELL provides illumination guidelines that minimize disruption to the body's circadian system, enhance productivity and support good sleep quality.
  5. Fitness: WELL promotes the integration of physical activity into everyday life by providing opportunities and support for an active lifestyle and discouraging sedentary behaviors.
  6. Comfort: WELL considers thermal, acoustic, ergonomic, and olfactory comfort to optimize indoor working environments.
  7. Mind: WELL optimizes cognitive and emotional health through design, technology, and treatment strategies.

How we work with well-being in our projects

Our Campus 6 office complex is being built with a strong focus on well-being features like those mentioned above. Our aim is to create a positive human experience with our developments and improve the quality of life at work, as we know it contributes sustainably to the success of organizations.

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Last updated: 12/4/2017