Work environment

A healthy and inspiring work environment stimulates creativity and collaboration, resulting in higher productivity. Our focus is to create future-focused workplaces with unique placemaking where people enjoy spending their time.

A great work environment reflects the values of companies and helps attract the best employees. We believe in innovative solutions and attention to details. Our focus is to create future-focused workplaces with unique placemaking where people enjoy spending their time.

Offices for the creative minds

With Campus 6, our office project that will be delivered in 2018, we take a step further, offering the ideal choice for tenants who are looking to expand their business in the coming years and who are focusing more and more on the well-being of their employees, looking for offices in an inspiring, youthful and very human environment.

The first building of the project will integrate a large lobby with quite a few innovative technologies: a Virtual Reception, which will do the check-in and access control for visitors, and an IT Hub. It will also have a food court, coffee shop, shopping market, hair dresser and a 1-minute store. A co-working area and WI-FI in all of the common areas will facilitate a creative way of working. For people who prefer to commute by bike, we will offer changing rooms, showers and lockers.

Human-centric workspaces

Equilibrium provides an inspiring, flexible and customizable workspace, ensuring plenty of fresh air and generous access to natural light. Offering unique assets that will fuel inspiration and increase productivity, the project is built around the idea of community and aims to connect people and businesses.

Continuing the human-centric approach, each of the facilities is designed to upgrade the daily experience of those working or visiting, such as the open area of the project that becomes a social space after or during office hours or the restaurant that will have extended opening hours to serve those working on a flexible schedule.

Overall, the entire project focuses on shifting the notion of a traditional "workspace" for our tenants towards a livelier, more flexible design and to refresh the overall aspect of the urban space.

Both Campus 6 and Equilibrium will have a building app that will offer a range of functions: building information, information on nearby events and social happenings, bike sharing and bike renting, carpooling section, food and retail ordering and offers.

Last updated: 2/13/2024