Community Investment (CI)

We are committed to supporting the communities in which we operate, leaving a positive and lasting legacy.

Community Investment (CI) is becoming a core component of our projects, just like other Sustainability aspects and technical elements.

Our focus is on strengthening local economies and championing education in our areas of expertise. We believe this is where we can have the greatest influence, and it directly supports our purpose to build for a better society.

How we work with CI

Our Community Investment (CI) Policy creates the framework for uniform and consistent actions throughout the company. Our preference is to give our time and materials to activities aligned with our CI Policy.

Performance in CI

CI in Skanska is how we engage in communities. We cooperate with NGOs and local authorities in order to improve the quality of cities where we are present. At the same time, we use our skills and expertise to promote a positive attitude towards safety, ethics, well-being and care for the environment in local communities.

Inspiring the next generation

We believe we have a responsibility to inspire the next generation. Through our internship program and close cooperation with universities, we are raising their awareness and providing them with opportunities to enter the construction industry.

Giving back to society

We are committed to creating long-lasting value for the communities in which we work, with legacies that go beyond concrete and steel. Our actions are focused on providing our time, skills and materials to the local communities where we are present.

Last updated: 12/4/2017