As cities grow, so do emissions. At Skanska we believe in developing a more sustainable society and green building is a continuously strategic step in that journey.

We harness technologies that make buildings more resource-efficient, comfortable, healthy and better equipped to serve future needs as business grows and shifts, while also helping to mitigate the risks of rising energy costs. We believe this is the greatest service we can provide to the environment and to our customers.

Our pioneering sustainable solutions

In Romania, Skanska is determined to be the leading green project developer and contractor. All of our investments undergo the LEED certification process, confirming their compliance with the principles of sustainable development, optimal energy consumption and superior work environment.

Green Court Bucharest, the first office complex developed by Skanska in Romania is LEED Gold certified, while Equilibrium and Campus 6, the new office projects developed by Skanska, are LEED Gold pre-certified.

All of our projects feature a great many sustainable solutions to minimize the building's environmental footprint and significantly reduce their operating costs, such as  energy efficiency features and water efficient fixtures. After delivery and when operational, the projects will use minimum 25 percent less energy than a conventional Romanian office building would.

Last updated: 2/13/2024