Safety Measures in Skanska Buildings

Skanska implements new safety standards for those working in Equilibrium 1, Campus 6.2 & 6.3 office buildings, due to COVID-19.



Safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers, partners and communities is Skanska’s top priority and goes hand in hand with one of our core values, Care for Life. We must provide a safe and healthy environment and maintain social distancing in the workplace.




New hygiene and safety protocols

Skanska has established several rules and adapted its workplaces in Central and Eastern Europe, to allow company’s employees and its tenants to return safely to offices.

Changes include new hygiene and safety protocols, adjustment of existing technologies in Skanska’s buildings and reorganization of the office area. All the implementations were developed for every Skanska building in CEE in cooperation with external experts.

Measures for the operation of the ventilation system were implemented in Equilibrium 1 office building

A series of measures for the operation of the ventilation system have beed implemented, based on the study REHVA (The Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning associations):

Air conditioning system (HVAC) operation

    • Permanent functionality of AHU (air treatment plants) (100% fresh air)
    • Programming the FCU’s (fan coils) in the areas where there is activity so that it starts 2 hours before and stops 2 hours after the end of the program; the FCUs cools/ heats the space by local recirculation of the inside air (the area controlled by the wall controller)
    • Permanent evacuation of contaminated air from bathrooms
    • Replacement of AHUs filters according to manufacturer’s recommendations


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1. AHU - Air handling unit

o   Ensures the fresh air in the building (100% fresh filtered air, no recirculation) from the terrace (away from potential SARS COV 2 sources)

o   Filtered and conditioned air is distributed in the building via vertical ducts and horizontal ones at floor level

o   Used air is collected via horizontal and vertical ducts, filtered and evacuated

o   The two air paths (introduction and evacuation) are totally separated and do not interfere at any point


2.FCU – fan coil unit

o   Air conditioning equipment (heating/ cooling) installed on the ceiling in office area that can be controlled centrally or locally via wall thermostats

o   Local system that recirculates the air from designated area (an office, area) until desired temperature is reached

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Floor mats with sanitized solution

can be found at the building entrance and in the lobby lift.

Dispensers with hand sanitizer

are installed at the entrance of the building, before turnstiles, in all bathrooms and in the parking area.

ProFace X [TD] Thermal scanning

cameras was installed on the turnstiles  to detect a higher than normal body temperature (+37.3 Celsius Degrees) and works in conjunction with the control access reader.

Digital scanning for visitors

Digital scanning temperature was installed to measure the body temperature for our quests.  People with temperature over 37.2 will not be allowed to enter the premises.

"EasyBOX" lockers are available outside the building

"EasyBOX" lockers are available outside the building, near the entrance on the left side, where packages delivered by Sameday couriers (Emag, Fashion Days, etc.) can be found – these lockers can be found on the suppliers’ app  under the name "EasyBOX Equilibrium"

Dedicated area for couriers

We have created a dedicated area for couriers  near the entrance of the Building where you can collect your packages in safe way. 

Self-disinfecting foil on intensely used surfaces

Nanoseptic foil - on all intensely used surfaces (elevators panels, entrances etc).

The films sterilize the surface they cover.

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