Connecting people and businesses. Creating a place where people love to spend their day. Inspiring people and making them feel comfortable, so they can be more productive and successful. Using innovative technologies.

Find your equilibrium at work This is not a story about bricks, walls, and windows, but about all those people who are the engine of each organization and constitute the foundation upon which it is built. It is the adventure of a usual employee looking for a perfect equilibrium between work and personal life.




Equilibrium is built around the idea of community and aims to connect people and businesses. Overall, the entire project focuses on shifting the notion of a traditional “workspace” for our tenants towards a livelier, more flexible design and to refresh the overall aspect of the urban space.

The 3500 sqm green area in front of the project is open to be enjoyed by the community and tenants, especially by those looking for “ that special place; that can fuel their energy and help them reach their full potential.





"From the architectural point of view, the concomitant transposition of the two buildings emphasizes their interdependence, but also the fact that the balance equilibrium does not mean perfection, but the continuous attempt to reach harmony. The vibrant volume of the building together with the large canopy on the ground floor invites the user, through configurations and directions, to take an ascending walk, suggesting evolution and the human capacity for continuous re-adaptation, through a dynamic and playful outdoor space." Arh. Diana Rusu, Architect Service




About Equilibrium 2

The first WiredScore Platinum-certified building in Romania. It also obtained the highest Access4you certification level in the country - Access4you Silver.

Equilibrium 2

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About Equilibrium 1

Taking the user experience to a whole new level

The building and its stunning features

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Equilibrium 1 entrance
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Equilibrium 1 lobby
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Equilibrium 2 lobby
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Equilibrium 001
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Building renderings

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