Welcome to the office

Welcome to the office

The offices are here to stay! We know it by fact. They are needed and have a future. Its purpose changed though. From a fixed open space concept to a flexible space for collaboration and creativity. From a place where you have to be - to a space where you want to be!

Employees emphasize the important role of the office and believe that it is indispensable. What is important for them is the ability to integrate and build relationships with their peers, as well as with the company-employer. Working in an office space allows this to be done to a much greater extent than remote work.

The hybrid model is the most preferred working style. This is no longer a secret for us. Sometimes it's good to stay at home, pick up a package from a courier or set two washes in a row. However, it is the office that favors building relationships and allows you to spend time together with your teammates. Nothing can replace office gossip over coffee!

Celebrating success with more than just an emoji!

Connection between people.

All frustrations fade away!

Emojis become faces and real gestures!

Best brainstorming!

What do we need an office for?

The necessity of a sudden transition to remote work was a surprise both for companies and for ourselves - employees who lost the possibility of direct contact with colleagues and teammates overnight, replacing it with virtual meetings using company messengers. It was quite a challenge, which today turns into another test for companies and organizations - returning to offices. It is known that offices as an element of the business will not lose their importance. The home office will of course remain with us, but rather in a hybrid form of work, not as a dominant model. Offices, on the other hand, as a key element in building organizational culture and a sense of belonging, will remain a place where employees meet, interact with each other and create a real, not only virtual community.

Karolina Radziszewska
Executive Vice President HR
Skanska's CEE office development unit

Do you need a new office?

If you made it here, you haven't written off your office yet. Employees want to be able to gather and build real relationships face to face. To be able to provide them with this - you will need adequate office space. A healthy, welcoming space, properly arranged and with various functions. Contact us and we will help you create the office your employees dream of!