Shopping Center Puuvila

Building Information Modeling in the Puuvilla

Shopping Center Puuvilla built by Skanska won the title of the best building information modeling (BIM) project in its series in the Tekla Global BIM Awards competition of the year 2013. Tekla Oy is a software company that has arranged building information modeling competitions both on national and global levels already for five consecutive years.

The entries to the Global BIM Awards competition were the winners of Tekla BIM competitions on the national levels, so the quality of the participants was high. Among other countries, there were entries from the United States, Great Britain and France. In total, 44 exemplary projects competed in Tekla Global BIM Awards and over 2,800 votes were cast for the projects presented on the competition website.

Information management has a key role for the success of complex construction projects such as Puuvilla. There are up to 13 different parties that are making use of BIM involved in the project.

Puuvilla was chosen as the best BIM project in Tekla’s nationwide competition in Finland. The project was especially praised by the jury for the admirable commitment of the parties involved for BIM, and the use of BIM models in creative ways with the help of mobile devices.