St Lars Bridge

Our assignment

St Lars Bridge is located in central Linköping and is important for many people. We completed the project fast and efficiently for this very reason.

A key success factor was a process known as “active design”, which we applied throughout the entire project. This means that we constantly developed and tested new ideas for solution optimization.

One idea that we implemented was to save concrete from the old bridge, which was later crushed and reused as subbase for the new bridge. This dramatically reduced our use of materials, as well as the need for long-distance haulage and local transportation.

The design of the abutments enabled a higher foundation, which drastically reduced the need for excavation and fill materials.

We recycled granite block to supplement the existing embankment, thereby avoiding the need to reroute the river through a concrete channel.

Peter Polla was the Project Manager for St Lars Bridge.

“We learnt a great deal from the project, including how to identify opportunities for change despite the fact that the LOU procurement process is highly restrictive in the tender stage. We projected a bridge and water channel and delivered a completely different, and significantly better, product than the Municipality’s original plan. We also saved money for the Municipality of Linköping, while creating a unique recreational environment in central Linköping.”