Dronning Eufemias gate

Sustainability and green

The contract incl. construction of Dronning Eufemias gate - a 750 meter long and 43 meter wide street at the seafront at the centre of Oslo, together with Kong Håkon Vs gate which is to be 500 meter long and 34 meter wide, and the Langkaigata - 130 meter long and between 21 and 34 meter wide.

The project also includes demolishing of a traffic crossing and construction of a 108 meter long bridge, together with some work at the adjacant streets.

Due to the bad ground conditions, the new streets have to be established on concrete slabs. These slabs will be founded on piles to rock. Approx. 110 piles with a total of 42 kilometers. The slabs will cover areas of approx 25 000 square meters and it will be posted about 15 000 qu.meter EPS-fillings together with 20 000 qu.meter foam glass.