Shopping Center Iso Omena

Sustainability and green

Skanska is currently implementing the expansion of Citycon Oyj's Iso Omena shopping center in Matinkylä, Espoo. The construction project began at the beginning of 2015. The extension will be opened for commerce in two stages, the first one in August 2016 and the second one in spring 2017.

The contract comprises three sections: Section B with a gross floor area of approximately 16,600 m2, Section C with approximately 29,800 m2 and Section D with approximately 17,000 m2. After the expansion, Iso Omena will be one of the biggest shopping centers in Finland with nearly 100,000 square meters of leasable area and over 200 shops and services. The revamped Iso Omena will accommodate a wide variety of specialized stores and services, as well as a unique restaurant world of numerous restaurants and coffee houses. In addition, the biggest movie theatre in Espoo, encompassing seven auditoriums, will be opened in Iso Omena. The shopping center will also host an all-new service marketplace of the city of Espoo, including such services as a library, social and healthcare services, and youth premises. The final station of the first phase of the Länsimetro underground line and the connecting traffic terminal will be below the shopping center.

In the project implementation, Skanska utilizes its BIM expertise to support the planning of and phasing of tasks and the visualization of schedules. The 3D images created by means of BIM technology provide detailed information of various construction components, which improves the design quality and reduces the risk of errors.