Highway 19 Seinäjoki eastern bypass

  • The road will be opened during year 2016.
  • The project goes through different phases

A total of 18.5 km of median-divided road with an overtaking lane will be constructed on the Seinäjoki eastern bypass along Highway 19 from Ilmajoki to Nurmo. By the end of 2015 c. 14 kilometers of the bypass – from Rengonharju to Kuortaneentie (Vt 18) – will be taken into use. The whole bypass all the way to Nurmo will be taken into use by the end of 2016. The project will be finished in its entirety in 2017.

The contract for the bypass from Rengonharju in Ilmajoki to Nurmo in Seinäjoki will include a bridge crossing Seinäjoki river and the construction of two railroad bridges over the Tampere–Seinäjoki line and over the Haapamäki line.  In addition, several underpasses for both vehicles and pedestrians and cyclists will be constructed across the main road.  Approximately 12 kilometres of various forms of noise protection barriers will be built along the road.