Juvelen, Uppsala

  • Juvelen, Uppsala
  • Juvelen
  • Juvelen
  • Juvelen, ett mörkgrönt kontorshus och den glittrande spektakulära fasaden är välisolerad och skyddar mot solens övervärme.
  • Juvelen
  • Juvelen
  • The shimmering gold building gets its shimmer from metal cartridges and strings of light.
  • Juvelen’s walls and floor structure are prefabricated, resulting in a fast and cost-efficient building process.
  • Juvelen will be the first structure that travelers see when trains roll into Uppsala.
  • Skanska will offer future tenants training in sustainability.
  • Jevelen will become one of the world’s most sustainable office buildings.
  • Many employers have understood that light and open spaces, combined with a good indoor climate, positively impact productivity and reduce sick leave.

Most sustainable building in the Nordic region

A triangular building that shimmers like a gemstone will be the first thing that travelers see as their train rolls into Uppsala. “Juvelen” (the Jewel) is the name of Uppsala’s new landmark and is scheduled for completion by late 2016.

In collaboration with the Utopia architectural firm, Skanska won the land-use competition organized by the City of Uppsala and thereby secured the assignment to construct this spectacular building. Juvelen also won the reader’s contest arranged by Uppsala Nya Tidning.

World-leading sustainability

The City’s architectural demands are high: the building is to provide a dignified entrance to Uppsala. Since sustainability is also a key concern for the City, the office building is also to be a positive energy building and generate more energy than it consumes on an annual basis.

We have taken this assignment seriously, and this project will be Skanska’s greenest-ever. The project has achieved LEED pre-certification at the Platinum level. Our aim is that Juvelen will be the most sustainable office building in the Nordic region. The building will be six-floors high and comprise some 10,000 square meters.

Skanska will take sustainability efforts one step further by offering future tenants training, with the goal that their businesses will also become LEED-certified.
A planned bike center on the first floor will also enable Uppsala residents to benefit from Juvelen’s sustainability efforts. Cyclists will be able to park their bikes in the center, hang up their wet clothes and take a shower before continuing their journey by train.

Innovative architecture

Metal cartridges and light strings will give the building a golden shimmer. The choice of architects fell on Utopia due to the firm’s ability to achieve innovative architecture combined with a sensitivity for the construction process. Fredrik Hjortzén, Business Developer, says:

“Utopia takes a bold approach and works with the integration of sustainable solutions and, most importantly, understands what is technically feasible. For us, the realization of our competition entry is essential.”

A project group comprising architects, consulting engineers, sustainability experts, business developers and subcontractors has worked together to produce the final plan. Close collaboration has led to intelligent energy, environmental and architectural solutions.

The groundbreaking ceremony is planned for the first quarter of 2015.