Stradale Equilibrium: a new Stradale restaurant in the north of Bucharest

Press release 1/15/2024 11:00 AM CET

Flavours Group is off to a great start in 2024 and strengthens its presence on the market with the opening of a new Stradale restaurant in the Equilibrium complex, developed by Skanska, in Bucharest.

Stradale Equilibrium

Starting Monday, January 8, Stradale Equilibrium is available on the ground floor of the Equilibrium complex for breakfast and lunch, with brand-specific menus inspired by the Street Food festival area, with food prepared in front of customers at the Robata grill, bread baked every morning in location and dedicated salad bar.

With an indoor area of ​​590 square meters, and 100 square meters of terrace, the new Stradale restaurant represents an investment of 400,000 euros, and the Flavors group aims to invest further this year in the development of new locations.

The Equilibrium office complex, consisting of two buildings, has become a reference in the Northern area of ​​the Capital, redefining the spaces and the working environment on the one hand and giving a completely different aesthetic perspective on the area, on the other hand. The green space of 3,500 square meters accessible to the whole community, the sustainable solutions implemented in the project with a positive impact in energy, water, and electricity consumption reductions, and the design focused on flexibility are the basis of the concept on which the entire complex was developed.

Located on Str. Gara Herastrau no. 2, Stradale Equilibrium is the 27th Stradale location, representing the perfect destination for anyone who works or lives in the area and wants to have breakfast or lunch in a space created for their needs. "Each Stradale location has a slightly different concept, adapted to the ecosystem already created by the building. For us, it is the second collaboration with Skanska, and this time we focused on creating a space dressed in natural light, with furniture in sunny colors, wanting to create the feeling of a moment of vacation in the middle of busy days. A festival of food and joy", said Bogdan Tiu, General Director of Flavors Group.

"The opening of the Stradale Equilibrium restaurant represents a new promise fulfilled to our community. I am convinced that this location, which takes up a large part of the ground floor of the building and extends outside during the summer, will quickly become a favorite meeting place and an essential element of the area", mentions Tamara Guleryuz, Leasing & Asset Manager Skanska.

The Stradale offer reflects the current trends, needs, and choices of consumers, increasingly interested in eco-friendly options and food as an experience in itself, achieving this effect through the creative combination of ingredients and flavors and through the concept of live & transparent cooking, which transforms the preparation of the meal into a show supported by the mastery of the chefs. Stradale Equilibrium customers have a daily selection of home-made and egg-bar sandwiches for breakfast, soups, salad bar, meat dishes on the Robata grill, vegan options, but also two predefined menu options, one on a meat base and another vegan.

From a simple coffee break to private or corporate parties, the Stradale team stays close to the customers whose dynamic lifestyle does not interfere with their desire to find a source of inspiration and satisfaction in food. " We at Stradale are continuously motivated by the people that come through our doors on a daily basis since we have always wanted to be a people's brand. ", said Bogdan Tiu, General Director of Flavors Group.

Stradale Equilibrium is the first location where the application dedicated to Stradale customers will be available and will allow them easy access to the daily menu and all the news and special events prepared in the restaurant, just a few clicks away.

Stradale's values ​​and attractions include speed and quality of service, local ingredients, food and ingredients without preservatives or additives, access to state-of-the-art technology, and constant events created for the community.

The Stradale Equilibrium location is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM for breakfast and from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM for lunch.