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Here you will find information relating to Skanska RO including the services we provide, career opportunities and Romanian contacts amongst other things.

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Safety Week 2014, 05-11 May

“Working together for everyone’s safety”

In place since 2005, Safety Week has been a tradition in Skanska’s global calendar, being the largest safety event organized in a single company.  Each year, Skanska’s Safety Week has a specific theme which helps raise awareness on work safety issues and encourages workers to improve their conduct on site.

During the 5 days event all employees, including sub-contractors and suppliers, will participate in trainings, demonstrations and workshops.

This year’s Skanska Safety Week in Romania includes activities such as: a falling from height exercise, a nutrition and quit smoking seminar, an exercise on how to use fire extinguishers and the rescue stretcher, how to safely use ladders, stepladders and scaffolding and a fire drill exercise.

In addition, everyone will be taking a Safety Pledge, a concept which was introduced at Safety Week in 2013. This year, besides making a new Pledge or renewing an old one, Skanska will invite everyone to share how easy or difficult it has been was to follow their pledge during the past year.

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